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High Temperature Epoxy Resins

High glass transition epoxy resins are the essential choice for high temperature applications. Optimax® 8154 fibre optic two-component epoxy has excellent high temperature resistance together with high tensile strength and minimal shrinkage. Ideal for use in medical, optical and semiconductor industries, it has resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. The ability to bond dissimilar materials correctly enables the manufacture of optical components impossible to make with mechanical fastenings. Our Optimax® grade has been engineered for high performance and reliability resulting in lower costs and greater productivity.

Optimax® 8155 is an extreme, constant high temperature epoxy resin used for multiple manufacturing applications. This product offers superior high temperature stability up to 300°C.


Optimax® Grade Description Working Time Shore D Self-Levelling Temperature Range

Optimax® 8154 is a low viscosity, high Tg, two-component epoxy that can be used for potting, encapsulating or bonding. Designed for use in the medical, optical and semiconductor industries.

Optimax® 8154 has excellent high temperature resistance at 260°C and excellent solvent, chemical and moisture resistance including gamma rays, autoclave, and ETO. It is an excellent choice for semiconductor applications including capillary under fill or flip chip die attach.

30 minutes @ 120°C


5-10 minutes @ 150°C

92 Yes

Continous -60°C- 260°C

Intermittent -60°C- 300°C


Optimax® 8155 is a two component, clear epoxy system. This long work life, resin system is designed for the bonding, coating, sealing, potting and impregnation of electrical and structural components.


The cured system has excellent electrical and physical properties above 250°C with outstanding high temperature stability up to 300°C. It also provides excellent moisture, chemical, and corrosion resistance as well as resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.

2hrs @ 100°C + 2hrs @ 150°C


4hrs @ 125°C

92 Yes

Continous -55°C- 300°C

Intermittent -55°C- 350°C


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