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Novachem’s dispensers of adhesives and sealants are available in a versatile range of design and use. Suitable for multiple applications, they offer high accuracy and cost effectiveness, and are virtually maintenance free.

Our range includes –

  • Digital Timed Pneumatic Dispenser
  • Dispensing Pen using a replaceable PTFE disc assembly
  • Pressure Pot for use with all types of adhesives and sealants 
  • Pneumatic Precision Pinch Valve for repeat dispensing
  • Wide range of Dispensing Tips which include -

-NC straight Dispensing Tips with electro-plated shafts offering an unobstructed and consistent material flow.  

-Tapered tips with double helix leur locking threads offering safe attachment to all syringes and valves.

-Polypropylene tips designed with flexible needle tips and a plastic double helix locking hub which prevents the tip from working loose. 

-Angled Dispensing NC Tips designed with electro-polished shafts offering an unobstructed and consistent flow of material, and available with a 45° or 90° bend. 

-Double helix brushed tips designed for applications requiring adhesive and sealants to be brushed applied.


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