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Welcome to Novachem

As a market leader in the global adhesive and sealant industry, our mission statement is to provide the highest quality products for each market sector covered by our product range with a corresponding high level of customer and technical support. All products are manufactured under an IS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Our high performance products allow our customers to optimise manufacturing processes, increase efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs. Manufacturers of medical devices can access our extensive range of ISO 10993 Cytotoxicity certified UV adhesives and sealant systems. Manufacturers of military hardware can rely on our MIL-spec products.   

Novachem offers a full line of critical application, ISO 10993-5/USP Class VI approved resin systems widely used in the development and production of medical devices. These one and two-component systems are designed to meet the most demanding requirements as bonding agents, moisture/chemical barriers and encapsulants. Our resin systems are used by manufacturers of disposable medical devices, catheters, hearing aids, dental products and biomedical instruments as well as in food preparation, processing and packaging equipment. We are one of the few companies offering a proven group of resin systems in this field tested to meet both USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility.                                        

Significant levels of investment in Research and Development have made us a leading supplier of adhesives and sealants worldwide. We are focused on innovative, new technologies and more efficient ways to carry out existing processes. We work with our customers offering custom formulate adhesives and sealants that meet demanding product and process requirements.