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Dual Cure technology offers the latest advancement in light/moisture cure technology, giving the manufacturer greater cost-effective results.  Our Optimax® adhesives offer the ability to cure with alternative methods such as UV light, heat and activator. This enables curing where the UV light transmission is difficult and where “shadow” cure may be required. The following are examples of typical bonding applications:-

  • Glass to itself and a variety of metals and ceramics
  • Medical instruments
  • Automotive assembly
  • Analytical equipment
  • Electronic devices


Optimax®  Grade Description Viscosity Shore Hardness

UV structural adhesive offering multiple cure options – UV light, heat and activator. This offers advantages in bonding where the UV light will not reach and a secondary cure is required. Superior bond strength with a low shrinkage result, excellent flexibility and environmental resistance make it superior to other bonding adhesives.

1450 74D

UV structural adhesive with a secondary anaerobic curing mechanism where light transmittance is difficult. Ideal for “shadow” cure applications, and also where a tough cured polymer and rapid cure speed is required. Can be used as an anaerobic adhesive and uncured fillets outside the bond line area can then cure with a UV light.

5000 78D 


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