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Product Description 

The UV 400W flood lamp offers high intensity light curing capabilities. Typical cures speeds are between 5-15 seconds.


Product Features 

  • High performance.
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable.
  • Fan cooled for temperature management.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ultraviolet light emitting products' guidelines.
  • Filter glass assembly is easily accessible for UV bulb replacement and cleaning.
  • Polished Aluminum reflector for increased efficiency.
  • Countdown programmable timer with LCD display.
  • Audio alarm for timed exposure.
  • Hour counter displaying lamp usage.
  • Built in adjustable shields ensuring accurate focus of UV light.
  • Removable handle.


Technical Data

  • UV light intensity - depends on distance, UV bulb and filter glass.
  • Illumination area - depends on distance.
  • Uniformity of UV light irradiance - depends on illumination area.    
  • 220-230v, 50Hz, 450 watt.
  • If the lamp is used for more than 3 hours continuously, switch off for 15 minutes.
  • Allow 15 minutes after switching the lamp on to reach full UV intensity.
  • The timer on the unit allows the exposure time to be set in minutes and seconds. After the timer is set, press the start button. The timer will count-down and a buzzer will signal the end of the exposure time.


The selection of UV bulb and filter glass will depend on the particular application. The usual combinations are provided in the table below.

UV bulb

Filter glass

Wavelength transmission range (nm)

Iron or Gallium

Clear UV-A

315 upwards

Iron or Gallium

Clear UV-A+B

290 upwards


Technical Data


UV 400W high intensity discharge bulb:

Iron doped metal halide (ozone free) 

Gallium doped metal halide (ozone free)


UV bulb useful operating life (estimated):

500 hours - depends on age, environment, switching and cooling.

The unit is fitted with an hour counter to track usage.

We recommend that the bulb be replaced after 500 hours as UV intensity falls off dramatically after this time.


Filter glass types                            

Clear UV-A, clear UV-A+B or quartz.



UV protective glasses. Product code - 5X3.03.33.04.


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