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Anaerobic Adhesives From Novachem



Protac® Anaerobic adhesives are a high-performance engineering range of adhesives designed specifically to:

-           fill gaps between metal components

-           prevent loosening from vibration

-           prevent corrosion or rust which results from moisture

-           augment the seal of mechanically joined assemblies

Although anaerobic applications may differ, the adhesive provides rapid cure when in contact with metal ions, and Novachem offers a range of strengths and viscosities to meet the most demanding assembly applications.     

This range includes -                  

Protac® Threadlockers

Protac® Retaining Compounds

Protac® Gasketing Compounds

Protac® Thread Sealants

These high performance adhesives offer the high shear strength required in industrial and engineering applications. Novachem’s high performance anaerobic adhesives offer exceptionally high bond strengths and reduce finished product costs. 


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