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Product Description       

The PV100 is a pneumatic precision pinch valve for repeat dispensing of most low to medium viscosity adhesives. The PV100 is connected via a fluid line direct from a pressure pot. The components in contact with the adhesive are easily replaced and inexpensive.



Dispensing of most low to medium viscosity adhesives. The precision pinch valve uses pinch tubes which are low cost and easy to replace making this valve maintenance free and cost effective.



  • Cost effective
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile and can be used with most adhesives
  • Adjustable stroke control
  • Fast, repeat deposits up to 500/minute
  • Recommended for Cyanoacrylates



The PV100 is recommended for use with our pressure pots. Please contact us directly for further information on our pressure pot range. 



  • Size: 83.00mm x 40.00mm
  • Colour: Black/ Silver
  • Weight: 82 gram
  • Flow Rate: 2.04 litres/min (Water) at 4 bar/60 psi
  • Max Fluid Pressure: 4 bar / 60 psi
  • Min Shot Size: 0.007ml
  • Fluid Viscosity Range: Up to 45,000cps
  • Material Inlet: Female luer lock
  • Material Outlet: Male luer lock
  • Actuation Air Pressure: 3.4 bar / 50 psi minimum
  • Wetted Parts: Polyethylene


The PV100 is supplied with:

  • Pinch Value
  • Pinch tube assembly                       
  • Dispensing Tips                               
  • Tubing – clear or black – 6.25mm/1/4” – 3 meters 
  • Mounting Stand – Optional           



12 month warranty against fault, failure and product defect from date of purchase. 


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