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Novachem offers a complete line of two-component epoxy resin adhesives for structural bonding, potting and encapsulation applications. Developed for a wide variety of materials and applications, they are relied upon for their toughness, adhesion strength and low shrinkage, together with incomparable resistance to heat and chemicals.

We offer also a range of UL certified epoxy resins for potting, encapsulation and laminating applications.

Custom formulation and packaging options are available upon request.

Advantages of Optimax® epoxies include:

  • Ease of dispense
  • Chemical resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Uniform stress distribution
  • Resistance to shock and vibration
  • Excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates

Epoxy Resins are used extensively in industry sectors such as automotive, marine, aerospace, electronics, appliances and construction.  Our Optimax® range includes –

  • Potting, Encapsulation and Laminating Resins
  • Heat Cured Epoxy Resins
  • Structural Bonding Epoxy Resins
  • Fibre Optic Epoxy Resins
  • Heat Cured Epoxy Resins



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